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  • Genesis Communications Network (GCN) is pleased to announce that the “Pastor of the Media Airwaves,” Steve Sanchez, host of The Steve Sanchez Show, will be starting his daily program, Monday, September 22, 2014 and will air from 8pm-11pm (CST). GCN is excited about this expansion as Steve Sanchez brings a new element to talk radio that is not currently being done in the talk radio industry. When asked to describe the show, Sanchez says, “In its simplest terms, it's ‘Water-cooler Talk on Steroids’ that focuses on every day things people talk about: life, money, relationships, values, and faith. While also focusing on the traditional terrestrial format with a high emphasis on Internet Radio and On Demand which is part of a new trend in talk radio reaching the seasoned citizen, Gen-X and the Millennials."

  • We can see in America today that the church is countering their very purpose on this earth. Rather than the light reproving the darkness (Ephesians 5:11), we now have the church spreading the darkness as they attempt to put out the light.

  • Here we go again. Another prolonged military campaign in the Middle East. Is the President justified in waging a new war that will emanate in Syria, but raises numerous questions as to where it all will end? Congressional members across the country have been generally silent on the President’s new counter terrorism assault.

    One would think that our elected officials in Washington would owe it to their constitutes to firmly articulate how involved the U. S. should become in a new Middle East war effort. We are about to become ensnared in another war. Billions of dollars and who knows how many lives. So members of congress, you owe it to the folks that voted you in office to speak up. If there were a town meeting (rarely held by representatives and senators any more), here are a few of the questions that need to be addressed.