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  • The Nutrimedical Report

Dr. Bill Deagle & Michelle Deagle

Host: Dr. Bill Deagle & Michelle Deagle

All listed Times are Central Time (CT)

  • Mon-Fri: 2:00pm-5:00pm
  • Call In Line: 800-259-5791
  • Listen Line: 605-562-7705

The Nutrimedical Report has a wide array of experts interviewed on Geopolitics, Antiaging, Health and Wellness, Prolife, Spiritual, Messianic, Christian, Military, Above Government Space and Warfare Technologies, Constitutional, Legal JurisDictionary Militia, and Ancient Archeology and Science to name but a few.

Listen and discover new natural wellness nutraceuticals and technologies to heal the body, restore function, and slow and reverse aging from custom designs by Dr Bill and other personally selected nutritional supplements companies that represent the best in the world gathered through extensive research.