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  • The Center Lane Show

Joe Devenero, Robert Maxey and Rich Wilson

Host: Joe Devenero, Robert Maxey and Rich Wilson

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  • Sat: 1:00pm-3:00pm
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The Center Lane Show focuses on numerous hot topics relating directly to the transportation Industry, including current restrictions in place and those soon to follow. We also cover top political news stories, sports, and share our life experiences.

The Center Lane Show is hosted by Joe Devenero, Robert Maxey, and Rich Wilson, who are three Professionally Educated Drivers with a combined 65 years of experience targeted the Professional Transportation Industry which consists of 250 million commercial motor vehicles worldwide.

Joe has 25 plus years behind t26 in the National Guard and is also a Combat Veteran and Company owner. Rob went to Broadcasting School to head up a Talk Show in the Commercial Transportation Industry. Rich has 35 years in the Driving Industry along with an additional 15 years in Transportation Regulatory Compliance He is also a combat Veterans and a Business Owner.