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By: Sean Anthony, Flow Of Wisdom

Disclaimer: I do not support anyone that is a rapist.  I hate rape.  In fact, I don't even like seeing rape scenes on TV or in movies.
With all the allegations surrounding Bill Cosby, do you think they are true? Some would argue, since all these women are speaking out, then it must be true.

Did Bill Cosby upset someone in Hollywood who then set up a campaign to tarnish his name and reputation?...

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By Bradlee Dean, Sons Of Liberty

"It does America no good to complain and to go about cursing the darkness. It is time for the American people to light a candle and lead the way for the future of our posterity."
- Unknown

Many older folks today in this country have little or no good thing to say about the up and coming generation, as if to excuse themselves in one way or another concerning their posterity.

Do you remember, "wisdom is justified by her children (Luke 7:35)"?

I was speaking at a high school as...

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by Ethan Bearman, Ethan Bearman Show

Blame the victim resonates across the Arab and Muslim world as four rabbis were brutally murdered and six others wounded in a gruesome attack on an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem, Israel, today.

The way Arab and Muslim leaders are responding to these...

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By: Phil Grande, Phil's Gang

For years now we've been telling people that the markets are rigged, and yet for the most part people didn't really believe it. We heard all the excuses why it supposedly couldn't be, from "the markets are too big to rig" to "only conspiracy nuts believe that".  But over time, more and more people have realized that we've been right all these years.

Politics and the market cannot be totally separated. Why? Because the politicians enact into law the various rules, and regulations that we all have to abide by. But...

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By Bradlee Dean Sons Of liberty

"A good communist finds use for everything, and nothing is more useful than a useful idiot."
- Russian revolutionary and propagandist Vladimir Lenin
Over the last two weeks, Pamela Geller and I have come under fire by the propagandists, ground feeding "useful idiots" in Arizona, for exposing their contrived and purposed lies. In response, we packed up and took our Gospel message into the enemy's own backyard (Exodus 23).
The state-controlled media were attacking Geller for simply calling out un-Ame...

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